SAP Business One on Cloud Licenses as an affordable ERP Solution option for SMEs

SAP Busiess One Cloud Licenses

With ERPs becoming a must for large enterprises, market leaders like SAP Business One on Cloud Licenses as an affordable ERP are now trying to extend the umbrella to Small & Medium Enterprises (SMEs). Trends show a surge in the number of SMEs from various sectors opting for ERP solutions. Respecting the market voice, SAP has also expanded its portfolio with SAP Business One as its exclusive offering for SMEs. Business One is the fastest-growing solution in SAP’s portfolio, recently surpassing 50,000 customers in 150 countries.

SAP Business One is a state-of-the-art ERP software that integrates key business areas, such as Accounting and Finance, Customer Relationship Management, Procurement, and Inventory Management as well as Production and Project Management.

SAP B1 has been specially designed and fine-tuned to address the problems faced by SMEs which often remain unaddressed with regular ERPs. SAP Business One is highly scalable with the ability to accommodate even a small company with 5 users to a midsize company with over 300 users.

SAP Business One growing faster than any other SAP solution is a testimony to the faith instilled by SMEs across the Globe. Right from feasibility to affordability and sustainability, Business One has left the competition behind beyond sight.

How SAP Business One Induces Affordability

Experts believe that the biggest constraint for SMEs to onboard an ERP has been affordability. In spite of facing severe business challenges due to manual operations, SMEs hesitate to embrace ERPs.

But, SAP Business One’s seamless compatibility with Cloud services has revolutionized the ERP scenario for SMEs

Following are some insights that help us decode the success mantra of SAP B-One:

The Cloud Advantage:

With SAP B1 and SAP Business ByDesign, SMEs need not install any heavy in-house IT infrastructure usually required to run an ERP. SAP Business One is more of a plug-and-play ERP with all the technology. Resting on Cloud infrastructure offers a hassle-free business growth launchpad to SMEs.

Eliminating the burden of upgradation and maintenance:

With a market leader like SAP, you can expect timely upgrades and bug fixes at nominal costs. This ensures that ERP enables growth and prosperity against putting a stressing operational cost for an SME.

Easy Licensing Structure:

SAP Business One on Cloud Licenses as an affordable ERP provides SMEs with a world-class business solution for an affordable monthly license fee. Thus, freeing up business capital and other resources for more strategic initiatives.

Less cost for keeping data safe and secure:

SAP Business One provides a safer and secure possession of data at comparatively less cost. SMEs need not spend their valuable resources to protect their data rather SAP does this for them.

These are some of the many features that make SAP Business One on Cloud as one of the most sought-after ERP solutions by the SMEs present today. Thanks to the cutting-edge technology marinated with essential ingredients like scalability and affordability.