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Application Development

Enterprise applications play a key role in enterprise operational excellence, streamlining workflow, enhancing productivity, and supporting efficient outcomes. The right application solutions can position you way above your competitors.

At Cogniscient, we help you upgrade your business performance through SAP application solutions. We build applications that help you explore your business’s true potential and master the business application functions. With significant SAP expertise, we bring comprehensive solution development capability, suited to your organizational needs.


Application Rationalization

A rapidly changing business landscape pushes all enterprises to transform or jettison their legacy business applications as they grow. At Cogniscient, we help companies achieve this with our robust and sustainable solutions to assess and enhance the efficacy of applications. While doing so, SAP Business One application services ensure you get the best of analytics, Cloud advantages, and application integration.


Application Integration

With our application engineering and integration, we bring you the possibility to adopt enhanced application features by integrating new and existing applications to your advantage. We enhance end-to-end application collaboration across your enterprise for increased business efficiency, improved scalability, and reduced IT costs. Our tailor-made application integration solutions ensure that you stay ahead of other businesses with a more flexible, agile, and dependable enterprise application system.

Application Modernization

Carry your business legacy to new applications and platforms with us. All you have to do is adopt SAP Business One’s latest upgrades and sign up for Cogniscient’s proactive services.

Here’s what you can expect



Optimizing the application and migrating it to the Cloud



Shifting to new Cloud-based hardware, partially or completely



Boosting agility and business continuity with a new code for the existing app



Upgrading and redesigning the current application to improve usability and user-base management



Bridging communication gaps through cross-organization collaboration and data transmission


Replacement and


Maximizing features by moving to customized software or terminating the existing application

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