Biz Education

Biz Education ERP 1

ERP Software Solution for Education Industry.

Managing the day-to-day administrative activities in any educational institute consumes major time on the floor. Consequently, low efficiency is observed in trying to complete mundane tasks manually. However, with the onset of technology and the redefinition of all industries for productivity, the education industry is also in need of a major upgrade.

Introducing Biz Education — Biz Education is an ERP system developed by CBS to manage all the school /college management activities through a single software. CBS will provide the web portal & mobile application to manage all the activities. The institution can download all reports as well as the below-mentioned features.

Manage all your educational institute activities on a single click:

Through this feature, any school can manage the entire admission process which includes the following:

  • Defining parameter for admission
  • Registration
  • Registration Verification
  • Transfer Candidate
  • Fees Collection
  • Cancel Verification
  • Entrance Result
  • Admission List
  • Candidate Search
  • Waiting List
  • Reject Candidate

This feature any school can manage the all the students of his/her institution.Below mentioned activities can be managed by school:

  • Assign Section
  • Assign Roll Number
  • Student Profiling
  • Track student progress
  • Attendance
  • Monthly attendance
  • Student Compliment
  • Assign Elective
  • Student Notice
  • Student Withdrawal

This feature any school can manage its entire fees management:

  • Fees Structure
  • Fine Setup
  • Generate Bill
  • Wave-off Fine
  • Generate Fine
  • Fee Receipt
  • Fee Refund
  • Fee Adjustment
  • Voucher Posting
  • Fee Search
  • Fee Refund against Advance

This feature allows parents to keep track on their child movement from school to home & vice versa, CBS has integrated GPS navigation system too with the software which helps in tracking of child. However, school can also track how a particular child how a particular child is going & coming to school. One can track whether a child is going by bus or school van. In addition to that it has following features:

  • Security Deposit
  • Security Refund
  • Withdrawal Transport
  • Vehicle Challan
  • Fuel Purchase
  • Certificate Renewal
  • AdhocExpense

Through this feature any institution can manage all of its employees related activities which includes the following:

  • Recruitment
  • Employee Profiling
  • Attendance
  • Employee Confirmation
  • Employee Resignation
  • Leave
  • Employee Appraisal

On this feature any institution can manage the entire examination process which includes the following:

  • Question Paper
  • Review Paper
  • Examination Setup
  • Formula Setup
  • Subject Marks
  • Student Result
  • Compile Result
  • Publish Result
  • Examination Search

This feature helps the institution to manage the curriculum of the institution.

This feature helps the institution to manage the Time Table of different classes.

This feature helps the institution to manage the feedback of parents & employees.