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Vendor Subcontracting

Vendor Subcontracting

Subcontracting in the manufacturing sector is a fairly common practice, with the process and size of operations varying from one organization to another. However, keeping track of the various jobs, documents, bills, and vendors manually can leave room for error.

With CBS’s SAP Business One Industry Add-on Solutions, we enable the smooth management of these transactions. The technology is robust, scalable, and flexible, making the vendor subcontracting process a breeze — be it creating and processing challans or managing processed goods.

Quality Management

The Quality Management Add-on has been designed keeping every nitty-gritty of the manufacturing quality process in mind. This integrated technology maps the product at various stages of manufacturing, based on business-specific parameters and actionable information set by the organization.

This SAP Business One Industry Add-on Solutions addresses multiple quantitative and qualitative issues faced by manufacturers across sectors. From monitoring the product’s size and batches to generating individual quality control stage reports, the Quality Management Add-on guarantees consistency in manufacturing standards at all times.

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HR Eye -56


Manage your manpower efficiently with CBS’ HR-Eye platform — a payroll and leave management software that is also available as an app. This human resource management portal can be accessed by both employees and HR personnel to monitor leaves, access salary- and tax-related information and reports, claim expenses, and more.

The platform is secure, efficient, and available at an affordable monthly fee with automatic updates.

Salesforce Management

Manage your Sales Team better with our MiSAP platform. This CRM portal gives the management an overview of where team members stand with regards to their targets, while also managing other aspects of sales such as new leads, quotation details, and team schedules.

Saleforce Management
Customer and Vendor Portal

Integrated Customer and Vendor Portal

Collaborate virtually with your vendors and customers in a secure web-based platform with CBS’s Integrated Customer and Vendor Portal. The platform is seamlessly integrated with SAP Business One HANA and provides a self-service system that helps suppliers manage and check the status of their purchases, orders, deliveries, payments, and more. The portal is designed to manage all of the organization’s vendor processes — from onboarding them to documenting shipments.

School ERP Add-on

We provide SAP-enabled add-ons for the efficient and holistic management of educational institutions. Our services are extended to a wide array of school operations such as finances, library, school schedules, alumni and parent portals, and websites. The add-on seamlessly integrates managerial, front-end, and back-end functions, enabling the smooth day-to-day running of such institutions.

ERP for School Management
Scheme Management

Scheme Management Add-on

CBS’s Scheme Management Add-on helps manage government and private-related schemes and discounts across various domains and organizational structures. Promotions and schemes are applicable depending on the regions, customer combinations, validity of such offers, and profitability calculations — as determined by the client.

Our add-on also features a backward calculation program that helps the organization optimize schemes as per competition, price analysis, and more. The add-on is a must-have for accurate, transparent transactions with the end customer.

E-way bill add-on

The digital transformation journey for businesses has been greatly benefited by the integration of advanced solutions like the E-way bill add-on for SAP Business One. The innovation is not only just an enhancement, but it creates an essential shift in how businesses can seamlessly manage transportation and invoicing documentation.

With businesses moving towards GST compliance, the add-on serves to become a critical tool to ensure that businesses are not just being compliant with legislative regulations but also they are in a position to optimize the overall workflow situation.

E-way Bill add-on for SAP B1