SAP Business One ERP for the Automotive Industry 

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With rising automation in the automotive sector, give your business a competitive edge with Cogniscient Business Solutions (CBS) suite, supported by SAP Business One.

CBS suite offers solutions that are tailored to meet all your unique business needs and market demands. Backed by this, you can now integrate your engineering, manufacturing, supply, sales, and service business chains with ease. In addition, the CBS suite’s integrated functions are designed to help you navigate everyday operations in a simplified manner.

Now, with the right assistance from our SAP Business One experts, you can keep pace with industry trends from the implementation phase to the go-live phase.

Features of our Automotive Industry Solution

Here’s what you can expect with the CBS suite, powered by SAP Business One:

  • Get crucial insights on consumption patterns and inventory of finished products, in-process, and raw materials
  • Track inventory to balance the cost of inventory with benefits
  • Keep tabs on stocks in hand vs books
  • Control variances and ensure inventory integrity
  • Benefit from insights on past price patterns and seasonal price drops
  • Track and convert obsolete materials and free up cash flow
  • Stay up-to-date with trending product designs and delivery requirements of OEM customers
  • Reduce product-development cycle time with robust engineering change management
  • Minimize lead times for on-time delivery to improve supplier ratings
  • Cut back on overstocking and under-stocking
  • Leverage comprehensive planning engine and map out plans
  • Integrate shop-floor systems to get real-time data flow for faster decision-making
  • Manage asset lifecycle, improve asset utilization, and ensure availability of critical equipment
  • Streamline asset planning, procurement, and operations
  • Limit budget and execute timely repair of mission-critical equipment
  • Leverage preventive, predictive, breakdown, and shut-down maintenance practices
  • Activate maintenance and calibration alerts
  • Meet heavy shipment challenges of any product group across any geographical location using unique solutions
  • Plan multi-mode shipments with ease
  • Pick, pack, and deliver with greater speed and visibility
  • Deploy packaging options that suit your customer group
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The Cogniscient Edge

We at Cogniscient have helped modernize numerous Automotive businesses with our CBS suite of SAP Business One and SAP Business ByDesign for Automotive Industry and Electric Vehicles ERP Solutions.

Our business automation tools help our customers automate routine tasks, strengthen customer connect, and drive profitability. At CBS, we borrow best practices from our established clients and apply our learning to your business — so we can scale greater heights together!


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We have been an SAP Business partner for over 14 years. So, if you are looking for a way to upgrade your business with the CBS suite powered by SAP Business One — you are at the right place.

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Meenakshi Polymers gains clearer insights with SAP Business One®

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Eastman Caste & Forge improves visibility with SAP Business One




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Frequently Asked Questions

Can SAP Business One help in managing automotive parts and components?

Absolutely. SAP Business One provides tools for tracking parts, optimizing stock levels, and forecasting demand. This aids in the efficient management of automotive parts and components, reducing costs and ensuring availability.

Can SAP Business One help automotive businesses with financial management?

Certainly, SAP Business One automates financial processes, offers real-time financial insights, and streamlines accounting. This assists automotive companies in maintaining financial control and making informed financial decisions.

What specific benefits does SAP Business One offer to automotive businesses?

SAP Business One offers benefits such as improved inventory management, enhanced financial control, efficient production planning, and seamless customer relationship management (CRM). These features are tailored to meet the unique needs of automotive companies.