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Reimagine the way you work with BEASE ERP Software.

Bring all your business processes together, from sales to service and everything in between, with BEASE ERP — a powerful software designed to turn your business into an automated one.

As your business grows and expands, micromanaging every process and business verticle is sure to become a difficult task. With the support of BEASE ERP — our proprietary Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software, this is now possible.

BEASE ERP’s modules fulfill your inventory, purchases, sales, finances, production lines, complaints, tendering requirements, and more!

Customized ERP to
suit your needs.

This dynamic and customizable ERP software is specially designed to meet the requirements of your business. With tailor-made reports for payment data, customized dashboards, and exclusive access rights given to specific personnel — your data’s safety is ensured.

Comprehensive modules tailored for your business

Here’s what you can expect with CBS’s BEASE ERP software:

BEASE ERP inventory management systems are designed to empower your business to manage not just inventory, but all business operations from a single location. Some of the standalone features of this module are:

  • Item details
  • Storage
  • Unit of measurement
  • Material request, receipts, issues, and returns
  • Stock transfers
  • Stock status conversions
  • LoT details maintenance
  • Inventory reports

And these are just at the surface of many more features. In case of the wrong entry of the expiry date of a product, the info can be rectified and corrected with the software. With the LoT detail maintenance module, you can combine multiple LoTs into one or split one into many.

With this module, you can now handle all projects seamlessly and leverage reports such as expense detail reports, payment detail reports, cost sheets, project analysis reports, and more. You can also assess:

  • Vendor details
  • Purchase quotation, requests, and expiry
  • Purchase request
  • PO/SCO order
  • TCD
  • Goods receipt
  • Quality check
  • Document reports
  • MIS report

This module of BEASE ERP allows you to organize or reorganize, and track your sales processes in an efficient way with the multiple configuration options and sales features. This module allows you to access: 

  • Sales quotations, orders, and invoices
  • Credit invoice
  • Price list
  • Pack slip
  • Stock transfer order
  • Stock transfer invoices
  • LoT details maintenance
  • Reports screens

BEASE ERP finance module gathers financial data and generates reports such as ledgers, trial balance data, overall balance sheets, and quarterly financial statements.
With this module, you can access:

  • Bank cash master
  • Cheque register
  • Chart of account
  • Account determination
  • Debit/credit notes
  • Journal entry
  • Bank cash payment
  • Bank cash receipt
  • AP invoice
  • BP and bank reconciliation
  • Landed cost
  • Self-invoice

BEASE ERP’s production module is of great help to manufacturing industries. This module consists of functionalities such as production planning, machine scheduling, raw material usage, BoM preparation, daily production progress tracker, production forecasting, and real-time production reporting. Some of the components of this module are:

  • Bill of material
  • Activity master
  • Resource master
  • Process plan
  • Work order
  • Production order and reporting
  • Quality check
  • Material return
  • Disassembly process

BEASE ERP’s complaint cycle module enables you to create and store customer complaints about products or services in the system. Once complaints have been created, you can find, read, and modify them, and assign personnel to resolve the conflict either on a call or through a physical visit. Some of the features of this module are:

  • Complaint registration
  • Complaint assignment
  • Complaint solution/feedback
  • Warranty

BEASE ERP’s tender management software looks after the full-fledged information of a tender that has been issued. It automatically manages the administration process of both receiving and issuing tenders. This module handles: 

  • NIT details
  • NIT bid permission
  • BOQ master
  • BOQ item mapping
  • Budget planning

The Cogniscient Edge

The Cogniscient Edge

We at Cogniscient have helped modernize numerous businesses with our CBS suite of SAP Business One solutions.

Our business automation tools help our customers automate routine tasks, strengthen customer connections, and drive profitability. At CBS, we borrow best practices from our established clients and apply our learnings to your business — so we can scale greater heights together!

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