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Get Real-time Analytics with SAP Business ByDesign

This business suite is a single Cloud ERP solution designed to help SMEs accelerate their growth. With this tool, you can eliminate the obstacles hindering the expansion and the cost to overcome them. SAP Business ByDesign ERP is a self-sufficient and end-to-end tool to manage all growing businesses.

Affordability is a great advantage of this tool, especially for a business that is growing and is spending funds judiciously. Since business needs are different for every environment, this ERP suite can be easily customized. Probably the best thing about this software is that you can manage all your major business processes from one dashboard like accounting, customer relationship, supply chain, inventory, etc.


Witness Efficiency with the Power of Analytics in Your Entire Business

The primary business operations it takes care of are:

Human Resources

Human Resource management is probably one of the most important ones in the entire organization because it is bringing in people who are driving your business’ growth. The SAP Business Bydesign understands that makes onboarding easy by giving employees access to all relevant information. To the employees and streamline processes like organization management, payroll, attendance, workforce administration, and much more.

Project Management

Managing projects is not an easy task. And when you are a growing business, there are so many projects your teams are juggling with. Make it easy with the help of SAP Business ByDesign implementation partner in Middle East. The key to effective delivery lies in collaboration. This suite makes real-time project collaboration and monitoring run effectively. This makes your projects profitable because your team can manage, monitor, and deliver the project in real-time.

Supply Chain Management

The SAP Business ByDesign singlehandedly improves your supply chain’s effectiveness exponentially. Because of its better supply-demand matching and high flexibility to narrow the gap between customer & supplier. With a clear view of the supply networks, your supply chain setup is better managed which ensures better planning & control. SAP Business ByDesign enables your business to produce high-quality products.

Customer Relationship Management

The essence of effective customer relationship management is proper management of the marketing, sales, and service cycles. You feed the personalized information to the system and generate effective campaigns, better lead generation, and high conversion rates. Once the lead is into sales, you use this suite’s salesforce automation for better account management, invoicing, engagement, follow-ups, and much more.


Managing the expenses in real-time is essential for all businesses. When you have real-time insight into the financial stand of the business. You can cut expenses and focus on core accounting processes that manage cash and liquidity better. You can get this business suite and manage multiple operating units and currencies. You can pull data from the CRM to get an on-demand overview of the cash position for better cash flow management.

Analytics and Reporting

Every great business stands on smart and confident decisions that are backed by insights and data. That is why analytics play a huge role in any business’ success. That is why SAP Business ByDesign gives your business real-time analytics and reporting for all major processes in your organization. The suite offers the users an interactive dashboard that pulls data from all the synchronized processes. This allows you to follow and track revenue, cost, cash flow, etc. easily.

Upgrade Your Business with Industry-Specific Functionalities

Manufacturing & Production

Manufacturing & Production

* Real-time unified view of the end-to-end manufacturing process.* Higher efficiency of the manufacturing processes.* Better collaboration between floor and suppliers to meet market demand.* Get a 360-degree view of customer relationships and improve the satisfaction and service ratings.
Professional Services

Professional Services

* Automate the primary service processes.* Real-time analytics for better project management.* Detailed customer lifecycle information for better alignment of the campaigns.* Complete details of the client and project for better profitability.
Wholesale Distribution

Wholesale Distribution

* Predict future demand and meet it.* Manage the supply chain better with transparency.* Cut down running costs by optimizing the inventory and working capital.* Stay in touch with the customers at every stage of the journey.

Key Benefits of SAP Business ByDesign

  • The suite comes equipped with pre-built processes that you can just implement and start using. Or you can choose to customize these processes as per your business needs.
  • This software is a scalable tool that is built for growth. As your business grows, you can opt for more customizations and add-on modules that are ready to install and use.
  • Every successful decision means getting the right information at the right time. With SAP Business One Partner in Dubai UAE, you get all critical insights in real-time so that you can make any decision anytime.
  • As the business environment and ecosystems become complex, the expectations from the tool also change. With continuous innovation, you get the smart solution for all your needs that are up-to-date.

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