SAP Business ByDesign for Construction/Professional Services Companies

SAP Business ByDesign

SAP Business ByDesign for Construction Companies, Market forces are always changing and they can shift the business landscape overnight. Hence, flexibility and access to real-time data is a life saviour for businesses. Business owners like you also want to expand the market share, right.

If Fortune 500 companies can do it, you can too. SAP Business ByDesign is the solution for this. Let’s see how.

The Secret Ingredient

You must be already aware that excellent customer experience is the key to unlocking the full potential of revenue streams. But how do you do that? Therefore, 98% of Fortune 500 companies use data for this. And look where they are.

But what do other businesses do? Experian found that almost 69% of companies face operational challenges due to inaccurate data.

Similarly, you might be wondering that maybe they don’t know the importance of data management? No. 83% respondents in the same report agreed that data is an integral part of their business strategy.

How Do You Tackle This?

One word – SAP Business ByDesign. Well, three actually.

Now, what is it?

  • It is a software solution developed by SAP.
  • It streamlines business processes.
  • You integrate it across the organisation.

What all does it do? It manages and reduces the workload on:

  • Customer Relationship Management,
  • Finance,
  • Procurement,
  • Production,
  • Logistics, etc.

How Does SAP Business ByDesign Align with Professional Services Companies?

Just answer yes or no in your mind while reading the following questions.

Do you want–

  • Business integration with back-office?
  • Real-time insights of project delivery parameters?
  • Resource allocation and SLA tracking?
  • Resource cost vs revenue analysis?

In other words, If you answered yes for any or all the above questions, then SAP Business ByDesign is the software solution that your professional services company needs.

Here’s why this solution is a good fit for your business

  • In other words, Gives the project to cost analysis for end-to-end operations.
  • Manage and monitor all the parameters of the project with cross-team synchronisation.
  • Cross-platform integration makes your projects are more effective and profitable.
  • For instance, Accounting modules to give you revenue recognition
  • Use real-time data for accurate insights into budget forecasts and project timeline agility.

SAP Business ByDesign for Construction/Professional Services Companies

Business automation is the cost-saving step that every business is taking. Software solutions give the business owners flexibility for changes, scalability for growth, and reliability for decision-making. What will you call software that is a single solution for businesses like yours to connect the various operations across the workflow and drives complexity out of the window? For instance, You call it a dream, we call it SAP Business ByDesign.

However, Everything that your business needs is offered to you in a pre-packaged suite by SAP – real-time data for growth, quick to implement solution, easily configurable with existing processes, etc.

What Next?

Therefore, Cogniscient Business Solutions is an SAP gold partner for implementing SAP products.However, What does that mean for you? You get-

  • Requirement planning
  • Software matching with customer needs
  • Post-go-live services
  • Handholding support and much more

Above all, For more details get in touch with our Solutions expert.