Leverage Functionality of Project Management with SAP Business One 9.3

Project Management with SAP

Project Management with SAP Business One is one of the areas where service companies face acute mismanagement of resources like manpower, machines, utilities, etc., and inefficient tracking of the progress of the project or multiple projects running at the same time. It’s very difficult to bring data and information spread across various systems across multiple platforms.

To get a clear holistic picture of the project which can be acted upon to take effective measures to speed up projects. Many service companies fail to efficiently utilize their limited resources among multiple projects simultaneously failing in timely deliveries and incurring a cost at the same time.

After many years of latent demand, SAP introduced the Project Management module to its SME champion SAP B1. The Project Management module of SAP Business One centralizes every data related to a particular project. From all sources to present a real-time overview of the state of the project. Which enables project managers to make informed decisions. This includes various KPIs like a degree of completion of the project, cost performance, project-wise resource deployment, ROI, etc. Finances and budgets play an important role in the success of any project. Hence, the SAP B1 Project Management module tightly integrates with the Finance module to determine the financial health of every project.

Similarly, Every project is a cluster of various sub-projects which can be separately tracked. SAP B1 Project Management module allows you to divide a big project into various sub-projects and sub-projects. It can be divided into various tasks for which manpower accountability can be established. The module even has graphical tools like Gantt Charts and network diagrams. Which Project Managers can utilize to plan and track projects and resource deployment more comprehensively. Project performance can be tracked against the predefined schedule and any issues can be escalated in real time. SAP Business ByDesign Project Management module also boasts powerful collaboration and workflow functionality. Which streamlines the flow of information within stakeholders expediting decision making.

Above all, we can conclude that SAP Business One Project Management module. It is one key ingredient for any successful service-based company. It enabling them to effectively plan the resources, keep control of various project parameters and ultimately ensure client satisfaction.